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Historical Sites

Municipality of Chester

Thanks to the hard work of the great folks from the Chester Municipal Heritage Society, the Hubbards Heritage Society, the New Ross Historical Society, the great team at Ross Farm Museum, and many more - our ties to the past are always being woven into wonderful museums, exhibits, and events to ensure our history can live on for generations to come.


Chester Train Station - Chester

The Chester Train Station is home to the Chester Municipal Heritage Society which runs the Station 20 Handcraft Shoppe. This cultural craft store includes works from over thirty local Nova Scotia Artisans and Crafters whose unique skills and abilities are shown in their works. The Store also operates as a Tourism Ambassador so you’re sure to find all kinds of information on a comprehensive array of literature on all there is to see and do in this wonderful part of the world. The Chester Municipal Heritage Society houses historical displays here including the boat building industry in the Municipality, the history of gold mining and train station memories, and more. 


Lightfoot Tower - Village of Chester

Location: 63 Regent St, Chester

The Lightfoot Tower was built around 1904 by American attorney Alfred Ross Lightfoot on the grounds of the Zoé Vallé Memorial Library to get a better view of sailing activity in Mahone Bay. It was previously condemned for safety reasons and at risk of being demolished. After fundraising by the Chester Trust, the tower was able to be reconstructed and reopened to the public in 2014.


Lordly House - Village of Chester

Lordly House

Location: 133 Central St, Chester

Lordly House was the family home of Charles Lordly, a prominent merchant, an entrepreneur, and the first municipal clerk. The museum showcases historical displays and houses a local genealogy collection. 


Lordly Park - Village of Chester

Lordly Estate Municipal Museum | Municipality of The District of Chester, Nova Scotia

Location: Central St, Chester

Originally the gardens of Lordly House, Lordly Park is now a public park consisting of a children's play area, picnic benches, and trails. During the Summer months the park hosts the "Picnic in the Park" concert series every Tuesday from 6 pm - 8 pm.


Maple Cottage - Village of Chester

Woman in traditional clothes walking past maple cottage

Location: 75 Regent St, Chester

Maple Cottage, situated next to the Lordly House Museum, was built in 1870 and acted as the first municipal building in the municipality. It still houses original documents from when it was in use and Lordly's desk and safe.


Oak Island Display - Chester

Chester Train Station museum

Location: 20 Smith Rd, Chester

The Chester Train Station is home to the Explore Oak Island Display which features incredible artifacts, historical pictures, and inside information about the world-famous treasure hunt. 


Ross Farm Museum - New Ross

Ross Farm Museum Horse and Carriage

Location: 4568 Highway 12, New Ross

Established in 1969, The Ross Farm Museum is a living, working, farm museum depicting 150 years of agriculture in Nova Scotia. A single-family upland farm on land originally granted to Captain William Ross. Ross Farm Museum is still being farmed with oxen, the way it was in the late 1800s.


Zoé Vallé Memorial Library - Village of Chester

exterior of Zoe Valle library

Location: 63 Regent St, Chester

Originally the property of an American summer visitor Zoé Vallé, Zoé Vallé Memorial Library was donated to the municipality by Mrs. Vallé Austen to be the location of a permanent public library for the Village of Chester.