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The Municipality of Chester
Nova Scotia's Treasure

The Municipality of Chester

We’re so glad you found us on line – we can’t wait for you to visit!

The Municipality of Chester is Nova Scotia’s Treasure with rich traditions, stellar scenery and truly something for everyone to enjoy - every day of the year.

The Municipality of Chester is a collection of communities dotted along the coastline and inland westward – each with their own lovely residents all with their own stories to tell and experiences to enjoy.

Included are Aldersville, Aspotogan, Bayswater, Beech Hill, Birchy Head, Blandford, Borgels Points, Canaan, Chester, Chester Basin, Chester Grant, Chester Islands, Deep Cove, East Chester, East River, East River Point, Forties, Fox Point, Franey Corner, Fraxville, Gold River, Harriston, Hubbards, Lake Ramsay, Leville, Marriotts Cove, Martins Point, Martins River, Middle River, Mill Cove, Mill Lake, New Ross, New Russell, Northwest Cove, Otter Point, Robinsons Corner, Seffernsville, Sherwood, Simms Settlement, The Lodge at Birchy Head, Western Shore and Windsor Road.

Some sit seaside while others sweep though tree lined roads past lovely lakes, and flourishing fields. From the Lighthouse Route, to the back roads, to the village streets – on four wheels or two, on land or on sea - an adventure awaits around every corner.