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Municipality of Chester

Starting with the maple syrup celebration at Ross Farm Museum where you can learn about the process of tapping trees, collecting sap, boiling sap down over an outdoor fire. You even get to enjoy the final product with pancakes! For event details click here.

Tree with tap in and bucket underneath, logs in the background.

When that final frost gives way to shoots of green a fresh perspective can be found all along our Atlantic blue coastline and within our sheltered coves.

Bay under blue skies in Spring.

You'll find spring around every corner, down country lanes and village streets - just take a stroll and you'll see.

Victorian era buildings behind a white picket fence with blooming trees in their front yards.

Spring is also the season of mystery - the mystery of Oak Island that is. For 170 years the most allusive treasure in the world has remained undiscovered. And now, with the History Channel's hit series "The Curse of Oak Island", the celebrated destination in Western Shore is playing host to fans from all around the globe. You can take boat tours around the island with Salty Dog Sea Tours ran by The Curse of Oak Island's own, Tony Sampson.

Ariel view of densely forested Oak Island surrounded by blue seas.

There's always something to enjoy in every season at the Oak Island Resort & Conference. Self Care Retreats, Easter Egg Hunts, Oak Island Explorer Expeditions, and More.

Birds eye view of Oal Island Resort showing tennis court, swimming pool, lake, wharf, hotel, and ocean.

Nestled in a deep forest by the waters of Stanford Lake in Chester you’ll discover SENSEA - a unique relaxation experience inspired by the Nordic culture and designed to stimulate all your senses allowing you to rest and rejuvenate.

Woman relaxing in a small pool. Snow dusted ground with trees and ocean in the background at sunset.








It's an exciting time throughout the entire municipality - where blossoms grow in anticipation of another beautiful bounty. Come May our Farmers Markets are opening for the season with a amazing assortment of fresh produce, baked goods, artistic creations and much more.

Fresh vegetables in whicker baskets on a table

Go for a great hike along our many trails - past evergreens, peaceful streams, and rushing rivers - then take in every bit of beauty with a 360 degree view from Castle Rock.

Canadian flag flying from a rock point with views of forests below.

We look forward to seeing you this Spring and to having you celebrate all there is to see and do in this vibrant new season!

Bouquets of flowers in white, metal vases.