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Salty Dog Sea Tours

Municipality of Chester

"This was one of the greatest highlights of our Nova Scotia vacation. We're big fans of the
​Curse of Oak Island TV show and meeting Tony was such a thrill 5 Stars!!!"  
Bob and Sherry Miller

Whether you've come to the Municipality of Chester as The Curse of Oak Island fans or you're simply longing for the kind of ocean view you can only get when you're literally out on the ocean - then you need to experience Salty Dog Sea Tours.  Always dynamic, always engaging their beautiful boats will ensure you're voyage is comfortable, safe and the stuff of which those stellar memories are made. Hey and if you're looking for a culinary twist to your time at sea and be sure to celebrate with the incredible cuisines on the menue through the Sea The Sea Excursions.


If you think the properties in the Seaside Village of Chester are lovely - just wait until you see all the places you can only see from the sea!  Departing from the legendary Chester Yacht Club - guests will set sail with Salty Dog Sea Tours for a lovely look at the stellar homes that stand in grandeur along our beautiful coastline - all those breathtaking properties and one of kind designs!  So excited to bring this FALL IN LOVE WITH CHESTER cruise into the sweet summer season! For more info and to book your tour click here.



Come with us on an adventure as we explore by boat the mysteries of Oak Island and the magic of the greater Mahone Bay area. We have guided Sea Tours of Oak Island running daily from Oak Island Resort out and around Oak Island. Click here for more info and to book.



When the incredible crew at Oak Island Resort team up with the always exciting Salty Dog Sea Tours you know that you're in for an unforgettable experience!  Your adventure begins as you explore by boat with the mysteries of Oak Island and the magic of the greater Mahone Bay area. Take a narrated trip by sea with Salty Dog Sea Tours to view the key sites of the island as seen on the History Channel show, The Curse of Oak Island! Next stop a private island for the tastiest time of it - with the marvellous menu of your choice created by Oak Island Resort. For all the details and delicious menus click here.


About The Salty Dog Sea Tours Skipper

Tony Sampson is a venerable salty dog having been to sea for decades and thanks the winds of fate for having washed him up on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia where he lives with his wife, daughter and other furrier family members. Originally from England and New Zealand, ​Tony has taught diving all around the world from the top of the Orkney Islands in Scotland to the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand and many places in between.  Tony has been both cast and crew on every season to date of the popular TV show, The Curse of Oak Island. Tony has a passion for the ocean and treasure hunting that has lead him on many adventures and he is keen to share these stories with you. 

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