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Chester Race Week

Village of Chester

No matter the season - the harbour that wraps around the Village of Chester is picture perfect.

Tourists and locals alike can often be seen winding along the shore at the village perimeter and then just stopping to take it all in. Snapping a picture or breathing deeply in the sweet salt air. That’s the case all but for the third week in August when all eyes are fixed on the largest annual 4-Day Keel Boat Regatta in North America!

Old vlack and white photo of sailing boats in Chester

Since as far back as 1856 Chester has held sailing regattas and now – more than 160 years later – with hundreds of participants and countless spectators, Chester Race Week is regarded as one of North America’s greatest sailing events.

Photo of sailing boats participating in Chester race week with the hashtag #chesterraceweek

Naturally there’s plenty of on shore celebrations during Chester Race Week including their Party on the Deck at Chester’s legendary Yacht Club!

And while you’re here you simply must see all the wonderful shops, gorgeous galleries and really delicious restaurants to be shopped, experienced and savoured in the Village of Chester.