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Camp Grounds

Municipality of Chester

Whether you’re planning to pitch a tent or roll up in an RV - the Municipality of Chester has got some great camping options. From the coastal setting of Graves Island to the wooded inland of Lacey Mines Campground to the Kaizer Meadow Wind Turbine Site, you're sure to find a sweet spot whether you’ve got the family in tow or going solo. Then again, why don’t you camp at all of them and try to pick a favourite!

Graves Island Provincial Park - East Chester

Sign by trail next to water

Location: 230 Graves Island Rd, Chester

Joined to the mainland by a short causeway, this quiet ocean-side campground has long been a popular vacation spot for Nova Scotians and visitors alike. Perfect for both tents and trailers - the campground is an excellent spot for outdoor adventures like sea kayaking and cycling. Plus, you’re just minutes from the Village of Chester’s many shops and amenities.


Lacey Mines Campground & RV Storage - Chester Basin

Buddha statue in the woods

Location: 371 Lacey Mines Rd, Chester Basin

You will feel like you are driving into a whole other world in this family-owned campground, complete with hammock retreats, an obstacle course, Yoga classes amongst the trees, Reiki, horseshoe pits, and washer toss.

It also features a small canteen onsite with the essentials available including sports equipment rentals for the kids.


Kaizer Meadow Wind Turbine Campsite - Chester Basin

A family grilling hot dogs over an open fire

Location: 371 Lacey Mines Rd, Chester Basin

We are excited to offer visitors the opportunity to rest, visit, or stay overnight in this unique setting. The area can accommodate five or six tents and has a fire pit with granite seating, picnic tables, portable washroom facilities, and an exceptional view of the Municipality's wind turbine. Because of the proximity to Card Lake, trails, and wilderness areas, this space is a prime location for those wanting to explore the surrounding natural environment. To reserve use of the Kaizer Meadow Wind Turbine Campsite, please contact the Recreation & Parks Department at 902-275-3490 or click here for more information.