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Scotian Ironworks

Scott Hamlin is an artist blacksmith living and working in New Ross, Nova Scotia. He was introduced to the world of blacksmithing while he was an employee at the Ross Farm Museum. Originally hired as a farmhand, Scott found himself spending an increasing amount of his time working at the forge.

In 1990, because of an injury he had received years earlier, Scott was given an opportunity for further blacksmith training and designed a program with four different Nova Scotia smiths. For six months he travelled from shop to shop getting the basics in the art of metal working.

Since then he has concentrated on the perfecting of his skills using his own style of work. Scott has the ability to put commonly used items to an artistic expression and this has brought a spiritual side to his work. Scott feels that his work is an avenue for his beliefs. By staying true to this he will be a better servant, a more efficient tool.