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You're Closer Than You Think

Municipality of Chester

And talk about convenience – the Municipality of Chester is conveniently located along Nova Scotia’s spectacular South Shore making taking a day trip easy. The beautiful Blue Nose Coast offers a truly scenic spin along the lighthouse route, while four conveniently located exits to the major route – Highway 103 - will get you there faster if time is of the essence.

Harbour with many boats at sunset with grass and pink flowers in the foreground.


While you’re here we highly recommend a few of the following:

Peggy’s Cove

White and red Peggy's Cove lighthouse on smooth granite rocks with waves crashing against them.


The most photographed spot in Canada, reputedly named after the only survivor of schooner that sank there in 1800. The iconic white and red lighthouse sits atop massive granite boulders and proudly marks the entrance to the sheltered fishing village. For more on this site click here.


Bluenose II

Bluenose II sailboat on the ocean with the sun beaming.

Nova Scotia’s world-famous sailing ambassador the Bluenose II is a replica of the original schooner depicted on the Canadian dime. Regularly docked at the waterfront in Lunenburg – you can experience the iconic ship yourself with a two-hour cruise when she’s in port. For more information on tours and the Bluenose II Sailing Schedule visit their website.


Black Loyalist Heritage Centre - Shelburne

Man looking at exhibits under glass below the floor. Lady walking past by a wall of windows.

Location: 119 Old Birchtown Rd, Shelburne

Enjoy the view of Birchtown Bay when you climb up the Shaw Turret, which commemorates all Black Loyalist communities. Visit the Lindsay Gallery for a multimedia presentation of the Black Loyalist journey from Africa to the United States, then Nova Scotia, and back to Africa. Explore the virtual copy of Carlton’s “Book of Negroes” and search for your ancestors. Before you leave, create a virtual quilt square about your experience.


Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site - Caledonia

Lake surrounded by trees reflecting the milky way sky

Location: 3005 Kejimkujik Main Parkway, Caledonia

The heart of our region and the centre of the UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve, Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site abound with untamed natural beauty, wildlife, and rich Mi’kmaw history. Just outside Liverpool you’ll also discover Kejimkujik National Park Seaside Adjunct with sand dunes and secluded beaches.


Ovens Natural Park - Riverport

Waterfall from fenced off wooded area to ocean below with pink clouds in a blue sky.

Location: Ovens Rd, Riverport

The unique geology and dramatic beauty of Ovens Park has drawn a diverse group of people to this lovely destination year after year. People seem to find their own resonance and releases here at the home of Nova Scotia's oldest legend (Indian Cave), here among the 150-year-old scars and implements of the 1861 gold rush, where the sea still echoes of vague references to rum-running (not so rare in this area) and Captain Kidd, and where the Cunard family laid claim to most our beach and then eventually removed it.


Hank Snow Home Town Museum - Liverpool

Hank Snow Museum exterior: a red building with yellow trim with a bronze statue of Hank Snow playing a guitar outside of it.

Location: 148 Bristol Ave, Liverpool

Dedicated in loving memory to celebrating the Nova Scotia born, multi-platinum, mega award-winning Country Music Legend. Elected to eight different Halls of Fame, including the Country Music Hall of Fame of the United States of America (1979), The Songwriters Hall of Fame, the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Nova Scotia Music Hall of Fame – Hank Snow’s impact on the genre is second to none. Explore the large collection of memorabilia and enjoy a variety of musical tribute performances.