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O Christmas Tree

New Ross
"Nothing ever seems too bad, too hard or too sad when you've got a Christmas tree in the living room...
Just a way of saying there's always light and hope in the world."
Nora Roberts

Nova Scotia is the Balsam Fir Christmas tree capital of the world and here in the Municipality of Chester we've been growing them proudly for centuries.  We love knowing our Christmas tree producers have been a cherished part of  seasonal celebrations - generation after generation.  Whether your tradition involves tagging your favourite tree months in advance, planning a "chopping trip" closer to the holiday or choosing a pretty pre-cut off the lot - we've got the perfect tree for your festivities!

Be sure to check out our prolific Christmas tree producers below and visit them all this holiday season!

Corkum's Forest Products

For a wide variety of "Choose and Cut" trees, head to their Chester location - if you can drag it out of the woods it's yours! Come out for a family, holiday adventure and select the perfect Christmas tree for your home. For more information visit their website

G & C Hughes Enterprises Ltd.

Our forestry division works to effectively manage and deliver renewable forest products for processing.  Our Christmas tree exporting business will provide you with order and delivery options that are second to none. Fresh high quality treas in all grades and sizes of balsam fir with pine available upon request. For more information visit

J & M Reeves Christmas Greens Ltd.

Situated in the heart of Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, the Reeves family has been producing and shipping Christmas trees to Canadian and International markets since the very inception of the industry. With approximately 150 acres - our Nova Scotian Balsam Fir trees are hand-groomed to produce beautifully shaped trees you and your family will love to decorate.  For more information visit

L & B Lenihan Farm & Forest Products

Originally was started in the 1940s and was called Lenihan Brothers. Laird and Blakes father Ivan and his brother Oran started a Wild Tree farm with just 50 acres. Laird and Blake created L&B in the early 90's and have expanded to the 200 acre farm it is today. There you’ll find over 10,000 balsam fir trees in ranging from table top 2 – 4 ft to floor stand trees as high as 12 ft. Trees are trees are harvested as late as possible for quality and freshness. For more information click here.

Demont's Ucut

Plan a trip to Demont's Ucut in Sherwood, Nova Scotia where the finest firs await – just peruse and pick your favourite!

M. Keddy Farm and Forest Ltd.

With over 40,000 Balsam fir trees varying from 4ft to 14 feet in a wide variety of grades.  For more information click here.

Neil H. Meister

With U-Pick and sales  The farm features over 15,000 sheared balsam fir in a wide variety of light to heavy density with 1 to 20 feet.  There are also wreats available. For more information click here.

Wayne Millet's Tree Farm

Located in beautiful Chester Basin - Millet's U-Cut has been a seasonal stop for families Christmas after Christmas. For more information and for operating hours click here.