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Discover Our Local Breweries, Distillers, and Wineries

Municipality of Chester

Here's to creativity and one-of-a-kind flavours from Nova Scotia!

Group of women holding wine glasses of wine.

Here's to our ciders, beers, and spirits - dreamed up and hand-crafted right here in the Municipality of Chester!

Made fresh with local ingredients, attention to detail, and a desire to deliver a truly unforgettable product - Cheers to all of that, and to your visit!


Black Harbour Distillers - Hubbards

Man smiling passing two trays of sample colourful drinks to two smiling women at the Black Harbour Distillers bar..

Location: 419 Highway 329, Hubbards

You can purchase Black Harbour's unique array of blended spirits there and check out their craft distillery as well. You can also enjoy the spirits in-house through the variety of cocktails listed on their website inside or outside on their deck. During the summer months, Black Harbour Creamery serves ice cream and sundaes. If you want to have a bite to eat while you're there, Savary Pit serves a variety of BBQ-inspired options. Black Harbour also hosts live music events - more information can be found on their website.


Bulwark Cider - New Ross

Four bottles of different flavours of Bulwark ciders with a glass of cider in front of each.

Location: 7155 Highway 12, New Ross

Their cider reflects their values: natural ingredients, exceptional taste, and outstanding craftsmanship. Bulwark's signature blend, is made with apples from the Annapolis Valley, with the focus on a synergy of acids, tannins, and sweetness to create a balance that best reflects their terroir. Their apples are freshly pressed on-site, and juice is fermented one batch at a time. Adjustments are then made to each, ensuring a premium signature blend every time.


Tanner & Co. Brewing - Chester Basin

A woman serving two women beer over a counter in Tanner Brewery.


Location: 50 Hiltz Rd, Chester Basin

Dan Tanner's, German roots and to his relatives who were first to settle on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. But in keeping with Tanner's culinary experience he's always up for experimenting and the results of his single batch non-traditional brews are truly inspired. 


Tanner & Co. on Duke - Village of Chester

Two women sitting at a high table under a blue striped umbrella outside Tanner Brewery on Duke Street.


Location: 59 Duke St, Chester

Our friends at Tanner & Co Brewing have opened up a second great location complete with their stellar selection on tap and chilled for takeaway too, right next door to Il Ferramenta Pizzeria! They also host special events.


Tipping Point Distillers - Chester Basin

Tall metal distillers in a white vaulted room with a wooden ceiling. Man in a blue shirt giving a tour to two women.


Location: 5478 Lighthouse Rte, Chester Basin

Tipping Point Distillers are crafting their very own blend of premium vodka and other spirits. Created entirely in-house using organically grown grain and ingredients from right here in Atlantic Canada. Their spot includes a distillery, tasting room, and retail shop.


You'll find these great locally-made products at many of our Farmers' Markets and in restaurants throughout the Municipality of Chester.

Beers, Wines, and Spirits are also available at NSLC's locations in Chester, Hubbards, and New Ross

Please drink responsibly!