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Dordéan Suites of Chester

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Welcome to the Dordéan Suites of Chester!

Our boutique forest suites are located just outside of Chester, minutes away from all the best attractions and adventures.

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Our forest suites are tiny in size, big in comfort. These specially designed suites were curated to ensure you and your family could relax indoors and out, including your pet! Each suite boasts a 2 person hot tub for your relaxation needs, private fire pits, and all of the interior ammenities you'll need for a relaxing stay!

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In conjunction with hosting lovely guests, our goal is to also provide vocational opportunities and training for adults with disabilities in a safe, community-based setting.  Through this, individuals with communication, learning and social challenges will be able to develop employment and other important skills while increasing their self-confidence and independence all while making meaningful contributions to the community.

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Booking at Dordéan Suites allows guests to be part of something that is bigger than just themselves, it’s about supporting a broader community and truly making a positive difference in someone’s life.  These tiny homes are full of big dreams and big hearts.